Online learning through OnlineExpert.com® has three methods that media may be accessed by the system. These methods have been developed to address the variety of learning environments. As online learning is embraced as cost effective, adaptable and flexible solutions for learning resources our goal is to provide a consistent user experience, and provide technical simplicity. To meet many needs we have found not all environments can support the bandwidth requirements of streaming video and multi-media resources. For this reason we have created the following media access methods:

Streaming by default this is how OnlineExpert.com® system will access their courses. The media content is hosted and accessed on the content distribution network and is accessed through the Internet. This method works effectively on most locations that have over 200MB per user download capability. Should bandwidth restrictions be a problem a MediaPoint or Media Server may better address your needs.

MediaPoints bring the media content locally to the user via a CDROM. All video, audio files and other multimedia assets associated with the course are stored on the MediaPoint CD. The content is streamed from the local CD-ROM drive rather than the Internet. Each time the learner logs in they will choose the correct CD source media that corresponds to the course.

Although MediaPoints are not required, some users may have a low bandwidth connection at home or on the road where the use of a MediaPoint is applicable.

Media Server brings the source of streaming content closer to users and eliminates the need for a MediaPoint CD or Internet streaming while they train. This option greatly reduces external bandwidth requirements by hosting the media content on the local network. OnlineExpert.com® Learning Management System (LMS) settings allow you to assign a separate Media Server for each of your learning groups, or you can direct all groups to the same server. This functionality allows you to create multiple media servers if necessary for different sites. If media is not found on media servers the content will by default stream from the Internet. Enterprises can be configured to “never allow streaming from the Internet”. The option of using a Media Server only replaces the connection to the Internet based network for the delivery of streaming video files. Bandwidth available on the local network is the only limitation for concurrent users.

These options can be modified by contacting the Programs and Client Services or Technical Support at help@onlineexpert.com or calling 1-800-984-9476.